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This is a sample of a year long common-core aligned interactive notebook writing program that improves student writing through sentence imitation (generative grammar). Each day, the teacher guides students through a scaffolded imitation of a sentence. 

At the end of the week, students will use the sentence patterns they’ve experimented with to construct a paragraph. At the end of the six weeks, students will construct an essay using a variety of sentence patterns that they’ve experimented with.

Each of the six week sections deals with a different type of writing: Narrative 1 (Descriptive), Narrative 2 (Plot and Dialogue), Explanatory 1 (Develop Facts and Details), Explanatory 2 (Explain With Quotes and Graphics), Argumentative 1 (Point and Counter Point), and Argumentative 2 (Making Your Point With Reason and Evidence).

Note that these are very time-consuming to create, and I am still in the classroom, so only the first two are currently complete!
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